Some of the Benefits to using Equine, Animal & Human Reiki

What can Reiki do for You, Your Horses & Animals?

Reiki Treatments compliment any form of complimentary or medical treatments. Reiki is a non – invasive complimentary therapy used in conformance with the Veterinary Surgery Act 1966. The Veterinary Surgery Act prohibits anyone, other than a qualified Veterinary Surgeon from treating animals including diagnosis. The healing of a Human, Horse or any Animal by contact, the laying on of hands or distance healing is legal. Please Note: Reiki is not a substitute for Veterinary Care or Treatment. If your Equine/Animal has any signs of illness you must call your Vet. Veterinary consent must also be gained before your Horse/Animal receives a Reiki treatment.  

I have a deep respect for Horses, Animals and their Owners and I will do my very best to help with any situation you may find that you are dealing with, I have a good connection with Horses and Animals and I can help to bring them into a Natural Balance. Reiki can help with many issues you may have with your Horses(s) & Animals or even yourself, I have only ever had good results from using Reiki as it can do no harm, but can heal magically! Below are just some of the problems or areas I and other’s have found Reiki to help with Horses other Animals & Human’s:

  • Physical Injuries (tendons / ligaments) in Horse’s,Animal’s & Human’s
  • Sweet Itch in Horse’s 
  • Laminitis in Horse’s
  • Colic & Digestion Issues in Horse’s 
  • Box Walking & Stress
  • Competition Stress (for Owner, Horse, Rider & all Animal’s)
  • Performance
  • Owner & Horse/Animal Relationships
  • Appetite Loss /Gain in Horses, Animals & Human’s
  • Separation Anxiety & Issues
  • Skin Problems & Allergies in Horse’s, Animal’s & Human’s
  • Help’s with Emotional problems, Stress, Anxiety & Depression in Horse’s, Animal’s & Human’s
  • Ease’s Joint & Muscular Pain in Horse’s, Animal’s & Human’s
  • Help’s with Circulation & Blood flow in Horse’s,Animal’s & Human’s

For more information regarding Reiki & Treatment’s please contact me for more detail’s.

© Copyright Reiki Reins 2014

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