About Me

 I’m a fully Trained, Qualified & Insured Equine, Animal & Human Reiki Practitioner. I have qualified at level’s 1 & 2 in Usui Tibetan Reiki – Practitioner Level and Level 1 in Equine Reiki – Practitioner Level and hold the relevant certificates an insurance to treat people and their animals. I will be working locally in the Staffordshire area. For areas out of Staffordshire please enquire as a travel charge may apply.

I have over 5 years experience of being around Horses and using Reiki,  I have spent the past 4 year’s learning and practising this technique of natural healing and accompanied courses to gain the practical knowledge required in order to achieve my healing path & goal’s in Reiki .

I am a believer of Reiki Healing and it’s natural benefit’s, I work closely with my intuition and Reiki skill’s and use this to guide the energy to area’s which may need it and to help relieve issue’s or blockage’s in the energy field of the recipient. Reiki help’s Horses, Animal’s and Human’s to feel less stressed and leave’s them to feel calm, balanced & fully relaxed from a Reiki Treatment.

I began my Reiki quest and current journey after needing some healing myself, in which I turned to the company of Horses. This in turn lead me on to my path of Reiki and Equine Reiki. I developed a deeper sense to aid healing toward’s the Horses, as they did for me and also other Animals, as I’ve always been an animal lover. I find great comfort and healing from the Horses and in return I felt I had something to offer them back to say “Thank You”. After building up friendships with Horses and owner, A beautiful bond was formed pursuing me in the direction of Reiki. I was drawn to placing my hands on and around the Horses to give them something I then knew nothing about. This all began my path in to Reiki Healing and here I found myself engaging with the energies well and even more so the Horses. This is what prompted me to develop my skill’s further in order for me to provide my healing’s towards the Horses.

Allow me to introduce You & Your Equine(s) & other Animals you may have in to the natural side of healing through Reiki. Visiting you & your equine(s) & Animals in their familiar surrounding’s and environment for them to enjoy a naturally relaxing therapy. This therapy is on offer to all Animals whether they are your pet’s in the home, of a professional nature or from the farming industry, Reiki healing can help for many issues you may experience with your Animals. For appointments out of the Staffordshire area additional travel charges may apply.


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2 responses to “About Me

  1. Thank you for following my blog “Musings of a Horse Mom.” If my horse was closer to you I certainly have you work your magic on him. He already loves his massages. 😉 … Be well, Dorothy 🙂


    • Hi Dorothy, Thank You for your lovely message and sharing your interest in my area of healing, I love the pleasure it bring’s and wonderful people it connect’s you to in the process, I would of loved to of worked with you & your Horse also if it was suitable for you, I hope you are well also Dorothy, With Love & Reiki Blessings from Kirsty, Reiki Reins xxx


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