A New Beginning, for one little pony!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere is a lovely little pony who was timid, nervous, scared, under weight and unwilling to come into contact with anyone, let alone trust anyone! He began to make his own approach to me with out me pushing him to make contact, he would be jumping away from you when ever you tried to encourage his trust in you or try to make a hand gesture to touch or stroke him.

With time and trust I aided him with Reiki Intentions allowing him to see I was no threat to him, gradually he became more interested in what you were doing and would approach closer as the weeks passed. With in a few weeks he was beginning to nudge your hand as he approached quietly from behind, slowly trying to catch a little nose nudge on my hand before he would move away again, shortly heading back to you for another go! This process took time but he gained trust in me and began to let me closer, still unable to touch him for long, I was making steady progress with him. Allowing him to approach me left him feeling more relaxed, gaining his trust in me was the main and most important step forward!

I first began Reiki with this pony in June last year, he arrived out of sorts, very nervous and not willing to trust anyone, jumping away from his food, digging up the ground in frustration and generally a very timid little pony! Now he is a completely different pony with a cheeky little character inside. I am now able to make good contact with him,he allows me to touch him and occasionally groom him but he certainly welcomes a cuddle and a fuss every morning now instead of jumping away, he warmly greets me in his own little way to say hello, following me with much interest and always ready for a second cuddle!

He began to allow me closer with each day, bonding and sensing I was only here to help and aid his recovery from what ever haunted him from his past. He was rescued by his current caring owner as no one seemed to want him or give him a chance until now, this has obviously left him traumatized along the way from what ever he has been through but he now has a warm loving home with food and shelter to take refuge and is very well looked after.

I now treat him with regular Reiki Treatments to keep him in balance and aid his healing further whichOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA in return is developing him into a beautiful, energetic pony with a lovely stride, enjoying every day, with a funny comical side to his actions and cheeky ways to get your attention. I have began to understand him well over the past seven months and can see his trust in me is a lot further on from where it was when we first began last year. This I believe could be taken as another of my testimonials in my progress in this area of Equine Reiki. With the full support of his owner, who has also witnessed the changes and development of this pony, he would also agree with the benefits of Equine Reiki Healing.




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