Gem of Day: Analcime

I would like to own one of my own too so I’ll be on the look out for one of these too!

Gemineye Holistics

 Would you like to increase mental clarity and stability when facing challenges? Then Analcime is the stone for you. Analcime assists in maintaining a healthy mental, emotional and physical state when facing change or transformation. This wonderful stone works specifically in stimulating and clearing the Heart Chakra. Analcime dispels weakness in both the ethereal and physical bodies; and produces an energy conducive to stabilization. If you work in a group setting, Analcime will bring harmony and enhance all aspects of the teamwork dynamic. Analcime is a highly therapeutic and healing stone. It helps with water retention, diabetes, and issues of the pancreas. It strengthens the muscular structure, particularly muscles that have atrophied. Analcime is especially beneficial to Cancers, but is a great stone for any Zodiac Sign.
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